Glenn Seerup


Glenn Seerup is a future New York Times bestselling author of Literary Fiction. It’s good to have goals. With over twenty-five years as an accomplished architect under his belt, Glenn has returned to his first passion, the written word. Successfully publishing his first novel in 2016 to rave reviews, a second novel, The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter, is due for release in the fall of 2019. A third project in the works will be the first of a three (or more) part series.

While Glenn has traveled extensively through the United States, Europe, and Africa, and lived in various cities in the U.S, he loves to write about life in the big city of Chicago – well, and Boston. Glenn is a member of the Chicago Writers Association (CWA). Settled now in a sleepy beach town in northwest Indiana, Glenn devotes as much time as he can to his wife and two wonderful kids. Most of that time is spent driving to soccer practices, games, and tournaments. Somewhere in there, he still finds time for home remodeling, playing in adult soccer leagues, and watching the English Premiere League. Glenn likes soccer.

As a young adult, “The Catcher in the Rye” solidified the love of Literature and the joy of a simple, beautifully written story. Glenn likes to include subtle references to the Salinger masterpiece into his own writing. See if you can spot them.


“Seerup is a most impressive writer. I am in eager anticipation to read what he turns out next.”

“Seerup’s wordsmithing skills do an excellent job of displaying this concept of learning to see the transcendent sacredness in the mundane...a sacredness most of us miss in the daily grind.”

“If the reader puts the same effort into reading as this author obviously putting into the writing, you will find numerous other insightful and intriguing themes”