The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter

Shortly after Hayden Carlisle started working as a toy designer at The Plush Porcupine, Maxine Porter arrived and strange and wonderful things began to happen.



Hayden Carlisle, a socially awkward twenty-three year old designer, begins his first professional job at The Plush Porcupine, a boutique, toy design studio in Chicago. Hard times have fallen on the Porcupine and a dark cloud hangs over its future.

Maxine Porter arrives with a mysterious background and an uncanny knack for knowing things. Spellbound by the amazing Max, the eclectic crew at the Porcupine begin to prosper, while continually ruminating over who Max is and where she came from.

Through his Journal entries, we learn the details of the unlikely friendship developing between Hayden and Max.